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Pricing structure for support hours  Make A Payment

We understand how difficult it can be to think about getting support. that is why we make it simple and quick accessing our services and give you all the answers you need, we operate in a totally transparent way.

Our prices are relative to the market at this time, but you will not find many others that openly publish them?

What you see on this page will help you to work out how much support might cost if you purchase it privately.

We provide support for adult who need it under Kent County Council's Supporting Independent Services (SIS) contracts. Everyone is entitled to an assessment of Social Support needs.


The Care Act 2014

The Care Act has introduced in legislation the need for local authority to assess the needs of any individual, we can help you with this process and we can provide the support that KCC agrees to after the assessment of your needs.

Where do I go?

We can help you with the process and we can support you to the right places and contacts.


How much will it cost?

If the support is provided under one of the local authority contracts it will not be funded by you as an individual, it will be funded by KCC.

We have made it our business to be as open and transparent as possible, we don’t believe in hiding our costs, that is why we are leading the way in publishing openly the cost of our support.

The support we can offer is yours to do whatever you want to do, from skydiving to scuba diving. In your house, out in the community, we challenge you to find something that we cannot support you to achieve.

If you need personal care or home help, shopping and cooking support or have family event you might need support to attend, days out or holidays we can arrange any support in the way that you want it.

We pride ourselves in continuing to drive up quality of care & support across the board, we want others to follow where we lead. Our aim to offer truly Person Centred support packages is at the heart of everything we do.

We offer a free assessment either in your own home or at our offices

Daytime and night time hours charged at the same rate

Your support can be purchased in multiples of 30 minutes, after a minimum of one hour. Night-time sleep ins at a fixed rate.

Payment Terms (full terms and conditions here)

Payment terms will vary depending on the support that is booked.

One off support sessions up to the booking Value of £2,500 - A deposit of 50% must be made at the time of booking, with the balance strictly paid within 28 days of completion.

Support that is booked for extended or regular repeated times the payments will be staged at monthly intervals, strictly payable within 28 days.

Non payment of invoice within specified times may be liable for additional charges at the rate of 8%. 

Make A Payment




Hourly Rate



Each Additional half hour



Christmas day (per hour)



New Year’s Eve/Day (per hour)



Sleep-ins (2200 – 0700)



Sleep-ins (Christmas/New year)



Mileage During support hours

Cost per mile travelled (google maps used to calculate)


Transport costs

Public transport ticket costs will be charged at face value



Price on application any period over 24hrs


Activity/Entry costs will be charged at the cost of the activity/Ticket or trip

Notice & Cancelation charges


Up to One month

10% of cancelled hours

Up to Two weeks

20% of Cancelled hours

Up to One week

50% of Cancelled Hours

24 hours or less

100% of Cancelled hours