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Keep Your Teeth Happy

Written by Sarah Castle on 20th August 2019

You can’t have good general health without good oral hygiene!


Oral hygiene is very important to one’s health so this is a little reminder to everyone to make sure you are all looking after your oral health. This is also a vital reminder to all our support staff to ensure they are encouraging good oral hygiene in service users.


Oral health must have the same priority as any other physical or mental health concern. Poor oral hygiene can lead to less confidence and self-esteem, difficulty eating, dental cavities, pain, gum diseases and other serious health issues. The bacteria in the mouth can spread to other parts of your body so it is important to keep it clean. It’s also important to eat healthy as eating too much of certain foods, such as sugary foods, can have negative impact of your teeth and gums.


There are so many benefits to good oral health so it is always worth it to take the time to brush your teeth and eat healthy. Benefits include improved self-esteem, dignity, quality of life, social interaction and eating habits.


Have a look at the links below about good oral healthcare:






It’s vital that all staff are supporting and advising all service users with looking after their teeth and gums and encouraging independence in this area. Don’t forget to book a check-up appointment with your dentist at least once a year and to contact them if you think something is wrong.


Keep your teeth happy

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