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One of our suppliers has made the local KentOnline News!

Written by Kelly Murphy on 04th December 2015

One of our suppliers has made the local KentOnline News!

Edutise, a company who want to become the new go-to supplier of everything from pens to rubber gloves for small businesses and reckon that they can win you over by giving half its commission to local schools.

Paul Cartwright, who is a regional director of Edutise, had plenty of time to be philosophical when he was off work for four years, suffering from a range of lung conditions.

Perhaps that is why the cancer survivor has joined a company which might make a difference to the education of his six-year-old twin daughters Maya and Ruby.

Edutise is currently branching out into Kent, where Paul currently lives with his partner Michelle.

The firm tries to find discounts on classroom essentials by linking teachers with its network of suppliers. It also offers its services to small businesses but with a philanthropic edge over its competitors.

Half of all the commission the firm makes is donated to a school of its buyer’s choice, with the aim of easing the pressure on head teachers at a time when school budgets are being squeezed.

“It’s a very simple concept,” said Mr Cartwright, 41. “It is about social responsibility. If we get 100 businesses in the area supporting two or three schools then we know those schools are getting accessible funding on top of what they get.

“We want to be saving schools £20,000 a year so they can buy more computer equipment or employ more teachers.

“It’s a new market place that is just open to small business and schools – and we are passing on the savings to schools.

“Hopefully with all the cutbacks in education we can make a difference.

“We are not saving schools masses right now but that is what we plan to do.” ‘We want to be saving schools £20,000 a year so they can buy more computer equipment or employ more teachers’ “We ask clients what they are spending every day and find ways to bring the cost down.” The model also applies to small businesses, which can save money and donate to local schools at the same time.

“Some people get it and some don’t,” said Mr Cartwright. “We have to change people’s minds. A firm might have been buying its paper from the same company for 30 years and they have become friends but if we tell them 50% of our commission goes to a local school it might work.”

The business has expanded from London into Essex, Hertfordshire and now Kent, with its customer base of more than 2,500 schools.

The company has attracted investment from Virgin Start Ups and has the backing of UKTI.

Speaking frantically, almost struggling to put his enthusiasm into words, Mr Cartwright has a charm which made him one of the top sales performers at Groupon.

He left shortly after returning from three month sick leave with cancer in 2011 and was out of work until joining Edutise. He suffers from bronchiectasis, a lung condition, as well as chronic asthma and is hoping for a lung transplant.

He said: “The directors of this company – we are all fathers. We were all £3,000 to £5,000 a month earners but we are living like students to set this up. It’s about making a big difference to the whole system.

“It inspires me being a father. I want to give something back for my children to be proud of. Everyone talks about change but not everyone does something.”

To read the full story, please click here: http://kentonline.newspaperdirect.com/epaper/viewer.aspx?noredirect=true 

Photo: Copyright KentOnline News

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