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Winter is Coming

Written by Sarah Castle on 21st November 2019

Hello everyone,


It’s getting pretty cold out there and there is only more cold and severe weather to come. We would like to advise everyone to make sure they are kept as safe as possible over the winter period.


  • Keep an eye on the weather forecast. Support workers all do an amazing job but can be more at risk to dangers of cold weather due to the nature of the role, such as travelling. Please ensure you are always checking the weather forecast and are prepared for any travelling you will be doing.


  • Prepare yourself for any bad/severe weather conditions. It is important to keep yourself safe just as much as the service users you support. Make sure yourself and service users are stocked up on any essentials such as medication and food.


  • Wear appropriate clothing. It might be a good time now to ensure you have the necessary footwear and clothing and advise others of the same. This might seem like an obvious one but I know I have seen others out on cold days with just a jumper and I’m sure others have too.


  • Prepare your home with salt/grit. Service users in supported accommodation can contact maintenance for help with this. Others can shop around for their own salt/grit to make their pathways safer. Nobody likes to slip over the second they step outside.


  • Get a torch. This is handy in case of a power cut or needing to go outside when it’s dark, such as taking the rubbish out. Look out for any icy areas or obstacles that may be in your way.


  • Look out for those more vulnerable. Those with health issues such as a respiratory problem can be more at risk of becoming ill. Don’t forget to look after yourself as well, make sure you or others are warm enough and contact the appropriate authorities in case of any serious concerns. Someone with a health issue may be more vulnerable to a simple cold or flu becoming worse and needing medical treatment.


Please see this keep warm, keep well leaflet for advice.


Keep safe everyone.


More information is available by clicking on the links below.









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