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Experienced Professional Investigators

We know how difficult it can be to find the right staff to investigate

Who does their job whilst they investigate? 

How do we train them? 

What processes do they follow?

We have a wide exepreince of many varied investigations including HR, civil and criminal cases, we manaeg a full and comprehensive process including witness and perpetrator interviews, scene management, evidence preservation and police liaision

We can handle and relief all your case investigation needs at extremely reasonable and highly competetive rates, we charge daily plus reasonable expenses, our rates will always be published and quoted on official enquiry.

We deal with;

  • Human Resources - Internal Staff investigations
  • Fraud and financial investigations
  • Time Management investigations
  • Safeguarding investigations
  • Civil Liability investigations
  • Accident Investigations
  • False accounting and falsifying records
  • Health & Safety related investigations
  • All types of criminal investigations.

This List is not exhaustive, call for a quote or to discuss your needs 

01622 682535

There a lots of questions smaller companies and even larger ones that do not have the capacity or capability to fully and comprehensively investigate complaints, accidents or allegations?

Well we can answeryour questions and support your needs, every step of the way.

We have a bank of highly trained professionally qualified investigators, many of which are from Police Investigations backgrounds with a wide array pf experience in the whole procedure of investigation.

We can handle everything from the initial report to the outcome, and include a full presentation to Management, tribunal, court or any other relevant body.

We have developed a case file management system based on the Home Office structure that is used by Law enforcement of the UK and this makes every file we present the same format and ready to assure our customers that we have covered every aspect of the report or allegation.

Our Investigators have experience in various interview techniques, including PACE, Cognitive interview, Achieving Best Evidence etc.  

We operate in a professional, logical and systematic manner to reassure all involved that the process and presentation is fair and transparent. We work to improve companies and their staff to address often very difficult situations and raise awareness.

Our Aim in every investigation to is find the right outcome based on nothing but fact, we realise it is not always the outcome that Senior managers or boards want to see but we realise and understand the need to present the facts and identify commons flaws

To us its not about pointing fingers, it is about ensuring people do not get hurt and companies minmise the risk to themselves and others, we can and we will help protect and develop companies and people to establish fact and reamin neutral at all times.

We see that it is often easier for an external Investigator to remain fully impartial, and we see that it is often easier for senior management to hear the findings from an impartial source

We can take the pressure and case work away from stretched internal resources allowing them to carry on with their own work load, we can train and support internal teams to develop their skills and case management styles

We offer full investigation training and system implementation as well as undertaking investigations