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Health Matters Assistance Programme. Supporting you through Bereavement.

Written by Irina Treikale on 08th June 2017

Death is a part of life but coping with bereavement is very difficult. Everyone experiences it differently and there is no normal or right way to grieve. Let your EAP help by providing support on isuues including coping with the loss of a loved one; understanding the stages of grief; dealing with practical issues, paperwork and legal matters; moving forward; taking care of yourself; and more.

Your Employee Assistance Programme is a free, confidential and independent resource to help you balance your work , family and personal life. Available any time, and day, by phone, e-mail or online, the service provides information, resources and counselling on any of the challenges that life may bring.

FREEPHONE: 0800 083 3375

WEBSITE: www.hmap-access.co.uk

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