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Severe Weather Warning

Written by Amy Dixon on 07th February 2018

There has been an escalation in the weather warning for this week to Level 3 of the Cold Weather Plan.

For Action: Response to severe winter weather


Level 3 – Severe Weather Action


Health and Social Care services have escalated to Level 3 of the Cold Weather Plan for England.


Regional Risk Assessments show a 90% probability of severe cold weather in Southeast England between 09:00 on Sunday 4 February 2018 and 09:00 on Friday 9 February 2018.


This weather could increase the health risks to vulnerable people and disrupt the delivery of services. Prolonged periods of cold weather can be dangerous, especially for the very young, very old or those with chronic diseases.


Please refer to the Cold Weather Plan for England and your organisations cold weather plan for appropriate actions.


Please ensure that the Key Public Health Messages reach vulnerable groups and those who care for them. The Health and Safety of staff should be given due consideration during periods of severe cold weather.


As part of your on-going business continuity arrangements please review your cold weather plans to ensure that your service continues to be adequately prepared to respond to any business disruption.


If your service experiences pressures which cannot be resolved by your continuity arrangements please contact the relevant Care Management Team using your existing contact arrangements.


Further information, advice and guidance on how KCC is prepared for winter can be found on our website www.kent.gov.uk/winter including;


  • Winter health and flu vaccinations
  • Warm homes programme and cold weather payments
  • Traffic and travel including snow clearance and gritting routes


We will advise you when the Alert Level changes and what actions we are taking.



Stay wrapped up warm!



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