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Such A Success! Case Study Competition!

Written by Sarah Castle on 10th October 2019





A support staff member has sent through an amazing story of a service user’s progress with their emotional and physical well-being. A big thank you to the support staff for working together and providing inspiring 1:1 support. Lorna rang LR to congratulate her on how well she is getting on and she was beaming and telling all the other residents. Please see below the case study submitted by Kelly Reeves.


I support LR every Tuesday. LR has recently had appointments with Albion place and her doctors.


For LR’s well-being it has strongly been advised that she is to lose weight in order to be able to have a hernia operation, this will improve her physical and mental health.


Staff and I at 9T have been putting our thoughts together in order to support LR on this journey which she is very committed to and this has taken a very long time for LR to get to this stage.


Now in place:


Letter box In LR bedroom to post thoughts of sadness/anger instead of throwing written thoughts out of her bedroom window.


Whiteboard in LR room. This will enable staff to be able to communicate effectively, this has been in place for several weeks and is working very well.


Healthy Eating, LR is now very committed to losing weight, she is now choosing healthy options of food choices and a weekly diet plan is being put in place to assist LR daily.


Walking, this is something LR has not done for a long time and kept her self-housebound due to feeling very scared when going out, on arrival today I have been told that LR has been on several walks by herself around the block, this is an amazing achievement for LR and much praise has been given.




We are holding a competition for all support staff and the winner will be selected at the Winter Warmer in December.


All you need to do is submit a case study showcasing the progress a service user you are supporting has made.


The best one will be selected at the Winter Warmer event and THE WINNER WILL RECEIVED £50!!!


So get your case studies in by emailing Sarah or Sheena at the Training and Activity Centre.


The case studies will be reviewed by an external judge so it is vital that no personal information (names, addresses) are included in your case studies. Please use initials when referring to anyone.


Good luck everyone!!!

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