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Autistic Spectrum Condition

Autism - Aspergers Syndrome - ADHD

To name a few......

Phoenix Support offer individualised, person centred support to people with an Autistic Spectrum Condition (ASC). Our highly trained team of support staff understand the challenges that many of our service users face when living with an ASC and are able to offer support in the appropriate way.
What is Autism?

Autism is a range of conditions across a spectrum. Everyone sees the world differently and people with Autism are no different in that respect. However, the main difficulties that are common place are:

  • Social Communication
  • Social Interaction
  • Social Imagination

Because of the complexity of an ASC, it may be hard for people to understand some of the issues surrounding ASC's. Often parents of autistic children are worried that people may think their child "naughty" because of the lack of physical disability.

People with Autism may have a hypersensitivity to certain things as their senses may be more acute than others.  

Like everyone else people with Autism and their families may need support from time to time with everyday life. We offer support to many people living with an ASC and support them to achieve their own goals, education, employment or enjoyment.

We treat everyone the same and truly believe that we can make the difference for people and their families in coping to understand what realising potential really means !!

We have many people involved with our company who have an ASC of varying degrees and ages. We provide support in many different ways and environments to achieve many outcomes and promote fully personal independence and goals.

Some people with Autism need to be supported in a residential setting others might just need a bit of support for certain things but live completely independently.

Whether it's:

  • Residential
  • Supported living
  • Outreach
  • Respite

Or maybe even just a one off day out where you might feel more comfortable having someone with you. Here at Phoenix Support we can ensure you have the right level of individual support that you need delivered at the pace and frequency you want it.

If you need help, support or advice with moving in whatever direction it is we can help or we will find the right person that can.

                                                 If you need advice or support please get in touch