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Continued Improvement and Development

We offer avenues of improvement that will support others to run and grow



Within our senior team, we have extensive experience of troubleshooting, failing or under-performing care and support services. Whether its supported living or residential, small or large scale, we are experienced in change management and have a great experience of implementing quality changes to reflect an excellent service.

If there are issues within any area of business we have the expertise to help

  • HR and Investigation - we have experience of investigation in both civil and criminal cases as well as case file management. We can help with any investigations you might have or support you in developing your skills in this area.

  • Health & Safety - we have a wide range of skills and services with safety inspections and audits as well as accident investigations, again we can do this for you or develop your skills to handle your own cases.

  • ISO9001:2008 - Here at Project Phoenix, Imagewe have a history of achieving quality. We work tirelessly to make this part of what we do, it doesn't have to be complex or hard work, it just needs to be right!! We can support this for you or with you,we can achieve this standard for you and help you maintain it.

  • Policy & Procedure - We can offer a full gap analysis of any management system in order to identify and reach the recognised level of compliance for any business, we can offer just an initial audit or a full development service to leave you with the most robust and user friendly policies and procedures.

  • Upskilling Management - Here at Phoenix support we have a great knowledge of Management and Consultancy. We can come and identify areas of non-compliance and find room for improvement, we can support businesses and homes to ensure we leave competent and greater skilled managers at the end. We are ahead of changes and we know how to improve performance and drive efficiency within care & support.

We work with many other agencies and providers to ensure the smooth pathway of our service users, whether that is transitional from child services to adult service, or from prison to community or unemployment to skilled worker. We advise other companies on developing market areas and can improve service and quality, drive effective growth and retention of existing business and improve staff retention.

To support others in compliance and quality is a deep part of our central ethos. If we can make any part of any service better than it is that means service users are getting better outcomes. We are firmly focused on the lives of others and identifying areas of improvement in ourselves and others.

We believe that taking the best of everything will truly make the greatest service offer in the market, and that identifying the problems will inevitably lead to greater service provision.